Where Can You Get AirFloss?

What Is AirFloss?

AirFloss is a water flosser system that cleans plaque and food particles out from between the teeth, and it can be used with water or mouthwash. The nozzle sends out a jet of tiny droplets of water mixed with air, which are very effective at cleaning the gumline and tight interdental spaces. The best part is that it only takes sixty seconds to use! 

AirFloss Versus Traditional Floss

As important as it is to clean between our teeth on a daily basis, many of us tend to slack off on flossing. It can take a while and it isn’t always comfortable. AirFloss doesn’t just make flossing as simple as tracing the nozzle along the gum line — it also does a more effective job! It is clinically proven to remove up to 99.9 percent of plaque from treated areas, and it has multiple intensity settings so that you can adjust it to your own comfort.

Why Dr. Rosen Recommends AirFloss

If you’ve struggled to remember your daily flossing or would simply like to upgrade to an easier, more effective method, give us a give us a call at 212-888-8327 or send us a email and we can tell you everything you need to know about AirFloss. We can help you decide which model suits your needs best and give you information on where to purchase it.