Extracting Wisdom Teeth

Why Do We Have Wisdom Teeth?

The average adult mouth is designed to hold around 28 teeth comfortably, but most end up with 32. The additional teeth are called wisdom teeth or third molars. As human diets have changed over millennia, that third molar has become less necessary and our jaws aren’t always big enough to fit them, which leads to problems like impaction that can affect the health of the neighboring teeth. If the wisdom tooth partially erupts, food can get trapped in the tissue surrounding the tooth, which can lead to bacterial growth and possibly serious infection.

Why Remove Wisdom Teeth As A Young Adult?

By removing wisdom teeth when a patient is a young adult, Dr. Rosen is able to prevent potential problems. When a person reaches the age of their mid thirties, the risks involved with wisdom teeth removal increase. The best time to remove wisdom teeth is generally between the ages of fifteen to eighteen years of age.

If you are an adult and need to remove your wisdom teeth, don’t worry. Here at Nancy M. Rosen, DMD, PLLC, we take extra care to make sure that our adult patients are comfortable and anxiety free. After a consultation, we will recommend that you continue with your wisdom teeth until intervention is absolutely necessary. In cases where extraction is necessary, Dr. Rosen will recommend a simple and pain-free surgery. Your health is our highest concern.

We see patients on a regular basis to remove wisdom teeth. This is a common procedure at Nancy M. Rosen, DMD, PLLC. If you are interested in having a consultation, please give us a call at 212-888-8327 or email us.